Cupcake Maker Pro

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    Make a yummy cupcake of delicious flavors.
    Make a yummy cupcake of delicious flavor and lots of delicious toppings including cute little cookie monster etc.
    This app supports 11 languages English, Korean, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese & Thai.
    This app provides you the honor to be a good cook of cupcake. A lot of choices for flavors has been provided such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Lime green, Vanilla, Raspberry, Banana, Cherry, Blueberry and so on…..
    A lot of choices for decoration and designs has been provided. You can share your cupcake after making with your friends via Facebook, Email, Twitter etc.
    You can save the cupcake to your phone once you have done making it.
    You can also set your favorite cupcake as your phone's wallpaper.
    You can also add a number of frames in your cupcake and use all the functionalities of share, save & wallpaper as mentioned above to your image after adding frame.
    The tap to eat functionality enables you to eat the cupcake you just made, by tapping on it.
    You can increase or decrease the size of cupcakes and toppings.
    Now you can choose from a variety of categories, viz.,
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