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    Cool cute cat-Live Wallpaper!!
    Cute American Shorthair Cat-Live Wallpaper with a stylish analog clock.(The added analog clock has a cute cat-shaped second hand)

    ★★Free version feature No.1: Enjoy a realistic cat living and playing inside your smartphone!★★
    Beautiful and kind! Everyone loves American Shorthairs!
    [American Shorthair cat]
    Country of Origin: America
    It is recorded that in the age of the pioneers and settlers a number of short-haired cats were on the Mayflower when it made its crossing. These cats are said to be the progenitors of the American Shorthair. In those days they were not pets, but rather were prized for their abilities as hunters.
    Large and strong at the same time being calm, bright and smart, these cats are very active and relish their freedom. These cats also love to play with people.

    The popular iPhone app, downloaded by over 1,800,000 cat-lovers worldwide, is now a live wallpaper with a stylish analog clock. Touch the cat and it will run, look the other way, and jump. It also cutely meows and twitches its tail.The added analog clock has a cute cat-shaped second hand. Tap and flick the whimsical world on your phone and the cat will respond with playful acrobatics and cute meows.
    Watch the cat run, walk, and jump as the mood strikes it in a whimsical world, right on your smartphone.

    Share and delight your friends, parents, boyfriend or girlfriend (only if they’re a cat-lover), partner, grandpa, grandma, small children, and the whole family.

    ★★Free version feature No.2: Volume control★★
    Turn the cat’s meowing on or off as needed.

    ★★Free version feature No.3: Live illumination effects★★
    Make the cat’s whimsical world even more charming by choosing live illumination effects (falling snow, lights, polka dots, and more).
    You can also control the movement and amount of illumination effects.
    Please be aware that although adding more illumination effects may look more attractive, too much can result in faster battery drain. The balance between battery drain speed and the amount of illumination effects will vary depending on your smartphone usage, network status, and phone age, etc.

    After installing “Touchable Cat Live Wallpaper with Animated Cat and Stylish Analog Clock,” cat-lover’s may find themselves attempting to use their smartphone only to become fascinated with the cat’s meowing, running, and jumping; repeatedly tapping and flicking the screen and forgetting why they took out their phone in the first place when they finally come back to their senses. Please use with caution.

    ★★★Six cat varieties popular around the world★★★
    Includes six varieites popular around the world: Abyssinian, American Shorthair, black and white cat, Bengal, Russian Blue, and tortoise-shell cat. Install and enjoy your favorites.

    By always being with a cat, you can be a sweeter person (by SuiNekoKan)

    ★★★Three new features in the ground-breaking paid version★★★Even more fun for cat-lovers!
    Have even more fun with these three features in the paid version of “Touchable Cat Live Wallpaper with Animated Cat and Stylish Analog Clock.”

    1. Cats have fluffy fur, making it even more fun to give them a pet.
    2. Cat movements change depending on remaining battery charge.
    3. Cats inform you of missed calls and emails.
    If you love cats, you’ll enjoy “Touchable Cat Live Wallpaper with Animated Cat and Stylish Analog Clock” every day.

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