Cute Animals Wallpapers




    Get high-quality pictures of cute animals! Wallpapers of Cute Animals just make us happy and that's why we decided to share this joy with you.
    This app will supply you with a new super cute picture or wallpaper of Cute Animals every day!
    We hope that these adorable cute animals will make you as happy as they make us, just look at them or make them the wallpaper on your phone.
    Our cuteness scouts are constantly searching for even cuter wallpapers so you'll never run out of happiness to look at!

    * High-quality Cute Animals wallpapers
    * Optimized for high res phones
    * Unique images of Cute Animals that you won't find anywhere else
    * Hand-picked and cropped to precise dimensions
    * Works offline
    * Get pictures instantly and a new one every day!
    * Offline optimized for speed

    In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we may integrate search monetization into this application. This may add search points to your device - which are easy and quick to remove or replace. Thank you!