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    On Holy Thursday to Easter in the Catholic Church is forbidden to ring the bell as a sign of mourning, as in Germany and Austria is the custom of daily street processions with wooden trischalkamy or other tools to remind the faithful service of God. The first written mention of this custom dates back to 1482 year. There is also a legend that the bell is currently flying on devotion to Rome. In many Catholic areas of Europe Good Friday suit a variety of traditional procession. In France at Easter again rung the bell, taken cuddle and kiss as a sign of joy.
    More widespread is the burial custom of the nests in the garden painted eggs, which must seek children. It is believed that gathers eggs in birds and then paints the Easter bunny (or rabbit). In other areas, such as in France and Belgium, it is believed that painted eggs carry the bells back from Rome. Finding the eggs, arrange fun: race bear on their hill or stukayutsya them win one whose egg remains whole. In sorbskyh communities in East Germany, dig a hole at the end of the slope. First put the egg in the hole, and the following players trying to get into it (sorbskoyu: jajka walkowanje, or him. Waleien) [5].
    In Finland, to scare away witches at Easter bonfire. Children dress up for witches and go from house to house and collect goodies. Also in Austria has Easter decompose large bonfires on the hills. In the weekend of Denmark starting as early as Holy Thursday, there is also a tradition to send Easter greetings anonymous verse, so-called "letters of Fool» (gaekkebrev). Receiving a letter, you must guess from whom he. If the recipient guesses, then the author gets crashed - if not, then blame the author egg greeting. Instead of eggs prize may be kissing or obligation to throw a party.
    In many countries (Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc.) are also accepted women wash water, and in the contemporary version of perfume. This is considered a symbolic wish beauty, fertility and health. Often in gratitude men are painted eggs, sweets or drink alcohol, but there are traditions where women also has returned bucket of water.
    In Sweden, Easter girl to marry, should bring Easter mouth water and pour it spyachoho groom [6]. A similar custom exists in other countries and areas where the girls have to bring water in mouth home to be beautiful, and guys trying to get them to talk or laugh.