Cute Halloween Theme Apex/Nova



Are you ready for Halloween and all the cuteness it can bring?
Then you Need this theme!

A Cute Halloween Theme to customize the look and feel of your android smartphone.
Currently includes icons, backgrounds, and frames for remaining, un-themed, icons.

This is NOT an Application or a Launcher, this is a Theme which includes an Icon Pack. It is compatible with most popular Launchers that are available for free through the Google Play Store.
You Must have one of these Launchers installed to be able to use this Theme:
- Apex Launcher
- Nova Launcher
- ADW Launcher
To apply the Cute Halloween Theme to your phone go to your Launcher Settings and:
- Apex Settings > Theme Settings > Cute Halloween Theme > Apply
- Nova Settings > Look and Feel > Icon Theme > Cute Halloween Theme
- ADW Settings > Themes > Cute Halloween Theme > Apply

You can send requests for specific app icons at our email address below. If you have any other comments or ideas please feel free to share. Thank you!


Tags: ADW.launcher / Apex.launcher / Nova.launcher / icons / theme /cute / halloween / witch / jack-o-lantern / candy / trick / treat / ghost / zombie / monster / costume / mummy / dracula / vampire