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Interesting facts about the cute monkey.

There are over 160 species of monkeys, with grasping hands , pryamoglyadyaschimi eyes, and well-developed brains. Most of them also eat the tails , which set them apart from the people , as well as the larger species . Monkeys - true climbers spend most of their time in trees . Some have a tenacious , tenacious tails that help them grasp , thus they gather food and climb a tree.

Most of the time - one-fifth of the day - the monkeys spend on grooming each other . Care of the kids take on not only females but also males . The monkeys live in groups , and a close relationship sometimes leads to quarrels . When the older monkeys threats and shouts chased younger , it is unusual clacking teeth, which , apparently , calms the bullies .

The growth of the smallest monkey in the world does not exceed 12-15 cm This species is called dwarf marmoset monkeys .

It is a mistake to believe that only monkeys live in trees. Various species of these animals are different ways of life . Many of them are very rarely descend to the ground. Among them: gibbons, langurs , colobus monkeys , howler monkeys , squirrel monkeys . There are those that hold the trees only part of the time - monkeys , chimpanzees , lemurs . There are only individuals of ground - hamadryad baboon .

In Japan, farmers who grow apples, turkeys used to protect crops from monkeys .

In Southeast Asia, the tropical forests of Sumatra , on the islands of Borneo and Borneo orangutans live . These monkeys with long reddish hair most of the time in trees. Eat mainly fruit, but also eat leaves, insects , eggs and small animals. Awake during the day and at night sleep on the ground or in trees in a nest of twigs.

Growth of the adult male gorilla comes up to 2 m high and weigh more than 250 kg . Females are almost twice as less. Gorillas live in dense forests of Equatorial Africa. The family consists of a male gorilla , head of the family , with white hair on the back of several females and offspring of different ages.

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