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Many Wallpaper for Dark Central Ui designed by TARXO and Hwahaen in this app. Slide images to find a wanted image before click the buttom 'choose background', and then your wallpaper will be changed.
Click the left top, you can make solid color wallpaper with Color Code (ex: #ffffff, #000000). I will add color picker to make color code easy .
+ When the icon clicks two times or color code isn't complete, it causes error to this app:the app is closed.
Dark Central Ui is
A simple theme of Black & Orange for Amoled by OpenWise™.
OpenWise™ that made Dark Central Ui is
Since 2012/9/22, team be founded by TOKTAK. Team makes open source themes for android devices' system and opens to public for transplant easy. Now, team leader changed to TARXO (design theme) and team members are developing rom and app.
detail info: http://cafe.naver.com/openwise (Korean Website)
Thanks to.
and members of OpenWise™

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