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    【FREE】 Theme of the really popular and high-quality Dark Summoner game!
    Let dyed your smartphone screen into a dark fantasy world.

    A dimension in chaos needs an end to its wars and order to its people.
    Rare powerful monsters needs to be Summoned and raised tofight other.
    Form a Clan and work together with others in become themost powerful Summoner!

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    ① Conveniently arrange the icons you use most!
    ② High quality clock widget included!
    ③ Plenty of popular theme designs available!

    ※ To use themes the [+] HOME (Plus Home) app is required.
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    ■ Theme Features
    Home screen / Icons / Menu Screen / Drawer Screen / Clock Widget and more

    ■ Recommended Themes
    Free / Flowers / Cute / Simple / Traditional Japanese / Stylish / Textile
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    ■ [+]HOME Summary
    Android OS: Compatible with version 2.2 or newer
    * Twitter is only available in Japanese

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    Ateam Inc.

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