DateTad for Android1.6



"Datetad" is an application that displays today's date and day of in the status bar.
You can choose your favorite theme from some themes.
It can display "Saturdays in blue" and "Sundays in red".

If this application doesn't support the language that you are using, why don't you translate in your language?
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Thank you for the translation.
(Language : translator)
Chinese(Simplified) : Karchun_1009, anonymity
Chinese(Traditional) : Vincent Wong, anonymity
German : Nina D`Alessandro,
Ayse Trn,
Holger Albert
Hebrew(a part) : anonymity
Italian : Michael Lepori
Korean : Juri Jung
Serbian : anonymity
Spanish(a part) : Eileen Peña, anonymity
Turkish : Ayse Trn

Tags: 1.6 themes

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