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    I know there is a clock on your mobile phone and it can tell you the accurate time when you have some thing to do and help you arrived destination in time. But your clock is just time numbers and can not beautiful enough to decorate your desktop. You can not change the appearance of the clock to meet your requirement too. Now you can setting your mobile clock with Digital Clock application. There are many themes of the clock for you to choose. We prepared you many different color themes and also many different shapes/styles. You must can choose one you like most.
    The special function of this digital clock is you can add widgets on your desktop and you can use it as a link to other apps. There is a Tap Launches button in this free app. IT will show you a list about all apps installed in your mobile. You can choose one or more than one app on the mobile desk widget. Then when you press the widget, you can enter the app directly (if you add only one app on the icon). If you add many apps on the desk icon, when you press the icon, you can see a widget list and press the app, you can enter directly!
    Setting the digital clock as you like. You can set the size of the number shown on desk icon by pressing the size bar. You can decode which part shown on the widget and choose the format of clock (12 or 24 Hour). If you think it is not good enough, you can add text shadow which can make the widget more three-dimensional.

    Ways to add small widget on desktop:
    1.Press menu/add button of your mobile and then choose add android widgets.
    2.You can see two digital icon in the widget list. One is 12hr and the other is 24 hr.
    3.Press to enter a setting page.
    You can choose any themes you like no matter the them we prepared you, or the free them offered on internet.
    Choose which app linked with when you press/tap the desktop icon.
    Set time/text size and shown content as you like.
    Choose the date format. You can have a preview in the app before setting.
    4.Then you can see a beautiful clock on your desktop! Press the clock, you can enter another app you set.

    The themes we prepared you are all beautiful. There are over 30 themes with different colors and shapes prepared you! You can add any one on your desktop! And the digital clock can decorate you wallpaper too. IT also can play as link to other applications. For example, if you often listen music, you can connect music player to this widget and when you what to open music player, you do not need open the app list to search it because you can press the widget to enter directly. It is really a great app, you can not miss it! Download it now!

    A digital clock is a kind of clock that displays the time in digital, i.e. in cyphers, as opposed to an analog clock, in which the time is displayed by hands. Digital clock is often associated with electronic drives, but the "digital" description refers only to display, but not to the drive mechanism. (Both analog and digital clocks can be driven either mechanically or electronically, but "clockwork" mechanisms with digital displays is rare.) The biggest digital clock is the Lichtzeitpegel (named "Light Time Level") on the television tower Rheinturm Düsseldorf, in Germany.

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