Digital watch list



The digital watch list.
Displays the current date and time display.
You can choose from two types of watches.
You can choose from two types of black characters and white characters.
The image has the warmth of the woods.
Hold down the menu to return to the home screen
Because the widget screen appears press the Add button
After selecting, press the digital clock widget list
The screen displays a digital clock list.
Once placed in the home digital clock widget list
Pressing the digital clock widget list, set the screen
Battery consumption and application settings window and functional
The buttons can be selected.
Battery level and temperature are always displayed.
Check the battery power consumption by function
By you, the battery consumption
Allowing adjustment.
Button configuration screen from the various terminals
Call lauch configuration.
Calendars from the calendar button in the terminal
Is started, I recommend scheduling, etc..
The app is a whole set of application buttons
You can manage, and terminal capacity
You can adjust the memory of the SD card.
Battery level and battery temperature is always displayed.
Installed in the digital clock widget list widget
Can start.

The size of the widget is 1 × 1
No other configuration screen.

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