Dino Park[Live Wallpaper]



C's Pot, Live Wallpaper Third bullet!
Live Wall paper "Dino Park"

I expressed the dinosaurs live in the predicament.

When you touch the screen, lava falls.
In addition to the lava, you can select, meteorites, hailstone and variations.

When moving the screen, slide the three-dimensional layers of perspective.

If there is a kind of dinosaur you want to add, please comment.
I will make as much as possible.

-Sitting options-

-change background
-change background2
-chenge dinosaur
-set lava
-chenge lava
*You can also change the configuration options from the app icon.

-How to setting Live Wallpaper-

-> Menu
-> Wallpapers
-> Live Wallpapers
-> select "Dino Park"

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