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    Interesting facts about Dishonored

    The game starts in Dishonored "Pesey well" you can hear the arguments of Pierre connection with the soul of the human heart. He is interested in the question, if it makes your heart beat mechanism, whether the soul to live in it forever? Later, the main character is given the subject of "Heart", the human heart, which, using mechanisms continues to beat, which is voiced by the same actress that voiced by the empress. (Apparently this is the heart of the Empress, as when pointing at Lord Regent, it says "How could I trust him")
    The prototype of the main musical theme of the game Dishonored made composition Drunken Sailor.
    Blubber is nothing like a regular whale oil. Despite this, it is used as fuel. However, the whales in the game Dishonored is not really existing species.
    In the workshop of Piero, on one of its walls, you can find a clear reference to the portal from the game Portal - oval, painted black kraskoy.Takzhe if climb through the window and go to the opposite side of the wall for ventilation pipe, you can see exactly the same pattern. Also close by is attached memorandum which says that it is - "The Door to Nowhere," a prototype of the invention, Pierrot, which will act as a portal.
    In a game of Dishonored low chaos in the mission, when you need to fight off a bar, as a portrait, painted by Emily, will face Corvo. A high level of chaos - a mask.
    At the very beginning of the game Dishonored can see how Sokolov portrays Campbell at the table with a bottle of whiskey. Later, this picture can be found in a secret hideout in the supreme keeper of one of the missions. Whether or not the picture the bottle, depending on the player - he took it to the beginning of the game or not.
    If you do not meet with the old rags in Chapter Dishonored, but towards the end there will be no episode where you have to help her to cook one of the game's characters.
    Chapter Dishonored "Flooded quarter" in one of the buildings of one assassin trained by the other. He advises him to use the shade to move quickly. Undoubtedly, this is a reference to the game series Thief and Splinter Cell
    Probably Corvo - Emily's father, as indicated by diary Havelock in the last mission, a children's picture with the caption "Daddy (Daddy)" and a portrait of a man resembling the main character without a mask, and the mention of the "special" relationship with the Empress to her death . In addition, the mission Dishonored "guiding light" can be found dying Pendleton, which states that "Everyone knows that you slept with the Empress," thus justifying the desire to save Emily Corvo.
    If during the execution of the request Loyalists about checking for the presence of sewage mourners to stun one of them, after completing a mission in the Golden cat you will find in your room a little gratitude from Piero.
    In a room in the "Golden Cat", where they keep Emily on the wall is a picture of her. With a low level of chaos - this fairytale castle, and at high - to keep her brothers Pendleton. They are green and bright-eyed, and Emily horrified glances at them.
    If you long to hear two bandits at the distillery, in the mission of the Supreme postmaster talking about finding his brother and caretaker, you can hear as they compete in telling vulgar rhymes, which is probably a reference to the game "The Witcher. Assassins of Kings."
    Sometimes the guards whistling song "The Drunken Whaler"
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