Drake Clock Pack

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    For every Drake fan out there, 13 clock widgets to see him on your homescreen all day long! The clocks also take you to the alarm settings. You can choose many different sizes for all clocks, so you can have them exactly like you want.


    - Download the latest version of "UCCW", that's all. Search for UCCW in the PlayStore. It's free.
    - This app
    - A device running Android 2.2 or higher.


    - Download UCCW
    - Open UCCW app
    - Press menu button
    - Select "Hotspots mode"
    - Turn it on.

    This simple action is needed to make the Clocks take you to the alarm settings when you press them! If you don't turn it on, nothing will happen when you press the Clocks!

    Now for adding the clocks

    - Long press on the homescreen (or however you add widgets usually)
    - Select UCCW in the widgets list
    - Choose the size of the widget (you can resize the widget later if you use Nova/Apex Launcher)
    - Choose the Clock you want from the list
    - Enjoy!

    See the included YouTube video if you don't understand it! (It's about my FC Barcelona Clocks, but the same aplies to the Drake Clocks! I will make a new video soon, though this one shows everything you need to know)

    If the clocks don't show up in the Skin list, it's probably because you are running Android 4.1 (JellyBean) on your phone. There is a problem with UCCW, Android 4.1 and the playstore. This problem isn't unique to my app, but a lot of theme's have this problem! It hopefully will be resolved soon.

    Until then, there is a simple fix:
    - Instal and open Titanium Backup (free). Select "backup/restore" tab. Search and choose "DrakeClocks". Select it, press backup. Press on it again, select restore. The clocks should now appear in the list when adding UCCW widgets.


    These Clocks aren't affiliated in any way to Drake and Young Money Entertainment.


    Theme will be updated according to new features available for UCCW. More Drake Clocks might be added if I see people want it. Updates will always be free!