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This application is created(it is developed) for people which want to use the telephone or plane-table for viewing of collections of live wallpapers.
We hope that this Dream Valentines Day LWP will be pleasant to you.
Chack Creazy Design STUDIO introduce new Live Wallpaper seria for theme Valentines Day( Love )
LWP Romantic / improved free version /.

******* instruction on the use of application Dream Valentines Day LWP **********
=Time between pictures - How long before changing to the next picture.=
=Not forget - quality of next applications depends on your comments.=
= To user : HOME => MENU => Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers. =

By the best wishes with LIVE Wallpaper Valentines Dayapplication - is a command of developers.

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1.Dream Valentines Day LWP Surprisingly simple decision for the applications of living wallpapers. But working and functional...
It is desirable to express gratitude the command of developers.

2.It an application is the real Live Wallpapers - simple and without doubts useful thing .

3.We want to express the special gratitude the designer of your command for his tedious work on application .

4.Quite quite good work on such interesting theme as Dream Valentines Day LWP.

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6.Wonderful Valentines Daycollection for the real judges of wonderful.

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2012 Dream Valentines Day LWP + Romantic ( at Valentines Daytheme )