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    Have you ever thought that you can edit a song and set it as your mobile phone ringtone? You can edit a ringtone and share it with your friends or family. But how can you editor a ringtone that you are not a professional and you know nothing with the ringtone editor? Don’t worry! Editing Ring can help you solve all the problems above.

    Editing Ring is a free app which is used to help common people to edit their own ringtone. It only can edit a song but also can adjust the volume of your ringtone and record your voice. You can set your own voice as your own ringtone.

    It is time to talk about its functions and you must want to know much about its functions.

    1. First, let us talk about the editing function which is a mysterious function. You can find then editor button in the MORE item after you load in this app. Then another new page appears which is used to edit songs or other sounds.

    2. You should choose one song in your sound files and then it will be shown in this page. Now you can edit the song as you like and you need to use the button in the bottom of this page. After you finished editing this song, you can set it as your ringtone.

    3. This app also can record your voice and set your voice as the ringtone. You will must want to know how to record your voice, right? In the phone, alarm and notification item, you can find a button that let you record your voice. Press that button and you will see a new page which is used to record your voice. After you have finished recording your voice, you can set it as your ringtone.

    4. There are functions of this app which you may want to know such as volume and mode setting. In the volume, you can adjust the different kinds of ringtones’ volume in one page. You can get to know the detailed information of each kind ringtone when you touch the volume button.

    5. Four modes are designed for you to choose and you can choose one as you need. The four modes are ring only, vibrate only, ring and vibrate and silent. When you have a meeting, you can choose the silent mode.

    6. If you just want to set one song as your ringtone, you can choose that song and a menu will appear before, you can audition it or set it as the ringtone directly.

    Ringtone maker is not difficult to find one on the internet and you also can find many ringtone editor apps. If you really want to make a good ringtone, you must have a good and practical ringtone maker or ringtone editor. Editing Ring is a free ringtone maker or ringtone editor because it has these two functions. One of its important functions is that it can record your voice and make it as your ringtone. You can share your made ringtone to your friends and family and all your own ringtones are free ringtones.

    Editing Ring is the best ringtone editor for android and I hope it can help you make a special and personalized ringtone.

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