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    Endless Wallpapers is an application that automatically downloads HD wallpapers based on tags that you choose from. You can choose from popular tags or from 120 different categories. These wallpapers then get refreshed/rotated on a time basis that you specify.

    Wallpapers are downloaded from the popular Wallbase website. Wallbase is one of if not THE best wallpaper site on the net featuring high quality wallpapers, check the site out at for an example of the awesome wallpapers they have.

    It is recommended to enable scrolling wallpapers for best effect. Some devices have this by default, and some don't (SGS3 for example).

    * Almost 1.5 million wallpapers with more being added each day.
    * Designed for phones and tablets.
    * Filter - Only download wallpapers that have "x" amount of favorites applied to them. This greatly enhances the quality of the wallpapers.
    * Efficient - Only one wallpaper will be downloaded while the screen is off so as to not waste your battery.
    * Rotation times can vary from one minute all the way up to a day or more.
    * Can download over WiFi only or WiFi/3G
    * Set and forget - pick your tags and enjoy the endless amount of new wallpapers!
    * Widget to refresh wallpaper.
    * Widget to save current wallpaper.

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