Etisalat Cricket - SL v BAN



Support Sri Lanka as it takes on Bangladesh! Download this cool ‘Sri Lanka v Bangladesh’ Cricket Theme on the Etisalat Lockscreen Application. It’s a Lockscreen App like no other & here’s the proof!
• Get great discounts & cool deals from various Merchants in Sri Lanka
• 1 click access to your Facebook Profile!
• Your personal picture gallery display
• See LBO biz updates, Daily Mirror news, ESPN sports alerts and a whole host of other plug-ins that are customisable
• And last but not least- it’s the smoothest lockscreen that provides the easiest shortcuts to your phone menu!
Using an Etisalat SIM, first download the SL v BAN Cricket Theme, and then you will be able to download the Etisalat Lockscreen Application. Follow these instructions:
Step 1 – Click on Install to first download the ‘SL v BAN’ Theme
Step 2 – Once the ‘Theme’ is installed please click ‘Open’ and you will be prompted to download the ‘Etisalat Lockscreen Application’
Step 3 – Click ‘Install’ to download the lockscreen application
Step 4 – Once installed, please press ‘Open’
Now your Android device is equipped with the coolest Lockscreen Application from Etisalat, to enjoy the Cricket Season!

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