Family Guy Soundboard



This app will bring you dozens of family guy songs and quotes and allow you to save them as a ringtone. As of 8/13/2012 there are more than 150 sound clips in this app!

Some of the included sounds are:

Family Guy Theme
Bag of Weed
Peter Laugh
Imperial Elevator
Freakin FCC
Branded Cow
Black Jesus
Mom Mom Mommy
My Fat Baby Loves To Eat
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Surfin Bird

23 audio clips for Chris
20 audio clips for Stewie
9 audio clips for Ollie Williams
16 audio clips for Meg
16 audio clips for Brian
6 audio clips for Quagmire
20 audio clips for Peter
11 Miscellaneous Sounds
14 Audio clips for Bruce
24 Audio clips for Cleveland
10 Audio clips for Lois
13 Audio clips for Herbert
12 Audio clips for Joe

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