Fancy Locker [Lockscreen]



This is a application,that replaces your default locker.
It was developed in order to please every need of the user , so you can change everything , for eg. enable disable controls change the font or change the wallpaper. We have also included a weather widget in order to display the current weather in no time.
A dock , to launche applications, makes unlocking and selecting your favorite apps a whole way easier and faster .And you can of course mute/unmute your phone or adjust your screenbrightness out of the Lockscreen. [Cyanogenmod 7 lockscreen]

ATTENTION: This application wont protect your phone in any way , it's designed to help the user and make the unlock process faster and more beatiful. So we haven't included any unlock mechanisn just simple on click unlock without a code.

Also this Lockscreen is compatible to other lockscreen application like the popular Go Locker.

Notifications are supported , too. When you receive a message or miss a call a notification will be shown which takes you directly where you want.

Also this app brings you the posibility to lock your phone by simply one click.

Tags: fancy lock screen , fancy wallpaper for lockers , lockscreen para cyanogenmod 7