Fart Sound Effects



Download the funny application
"Fart Sound effects" on your
android mobile phones for free and
get loaded with hell lot of fun!

*The application is loaded with
genuinely funny fart sound effects
with numerous modes like Fart
motion & timer to play witty
pranks with your friends.

*Every Included sound effect has
been edited & maneuvered to get
the most Realistic output.

*In addition to playing the fart
sound, the app also displays some
very cool animation on the main

*- time delay mode (fart after you
have left the room - Countdown
timer mode)
- Press to Fart.

*It can run in the background. So
open the timer mode, activate the
timer fart mode and run!
So Download Now to Gag around and
laugh your heart out!

*your leg! Motion Fart allows you
to fart on command! Just put your
phone in your pocket and Motion
Fart will do its job.
The only fart sound app that has
the ability to choose the fart
sound, instead of random fart
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