Flick Shuriken[Live Wallpaper]


"C's Pot" Live Wallpaper #002!
Live Wallpaper, "Flick Shuriken"

Shuriken can be thrown if it acts as Flick of the screen.
It is stick to the edge of a screen, rotating!

There are Sankaku shuriken, Juuji shuriken, Kunai, and etc. You can choose 12 kinds of shuriken.

Self-train with the Flick shuriken, and will become a ninja!

-Sitting options-

-change background
-chenge shuriken count
-chenge shuriken type

-How to setting Live Wallpaper-

-> Menu
-> Wallpapers
-> Live Wallpapers
-> select "Flick Shuriken"

Tags: 壁紙 手裏剣

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