Flowers HD ScreenSaver



This screensaver with high definition flowers and beautiful nature scenes will make your phone blossom.

Get the full version! While this free version of Flowers HD is fully functional, the full version includes the following settings:
- Flower amount
- Flower sway
- Randomize flower locations
- Bug amount
- Enable/disable bugs - NEW: blue butterflies, bees, and dragonflies
- Bug speed
- Choose from more backgrounds

Below are quick tips for using the screensaver:
- Once downloaded the screensaver can be found in the application drawer.
- To activate the screensaver click on the screensaver icon to bring up the options menu and then click on "Enable Screensaver" option.
- When screensaver is "enabled" it will play when the device screen times out or when the lock key is enabled.
- To get out of screensaver mode hit the home button.

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