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Forsaken World Wallpapers and Theme Application

Forsaken World - Chinese multiplayer online role-playing game created by Beijing Perfect World. September 16, 2010 started the open beta testing in China, and on 27 October began closed beta testing of the game in the U.S. Department of Beijing Perfect World. The game client is free, the game has a system of micro-transactions. The game is made in the genre of multiplayer role-playing game in the fantasy style, was very similar to the ideas of the previous project - Perfect World, but with the addition of the initial starting area, which tells the story of the race. In the game as there is a developed system of domestication of animals, weddings, PvP-and PvE-activity, 15 jobs, three talent trees for each class and more. To date on Russian servers have a system of free PvP - any player can kill another in any exposed areas, while at the death of the killer with a certain chance he may lose part of it attached equipment, money and resources out of the bag. In the game there are battles in the arena in the "3 by 3", "6 to 6" massive mezhgildeyskie battle.

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