Fractals full

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    - Fractals is some kind of particle drawing application. It alows you to create your own animated cosmic-like scenes by simple moving your finger.
    There is no complexity in using this program. You can customize your particles by yourself or try random-configured ones.
    Fractals is not only an editor, it is also Live Wallpaper. You can select one of predefined wallpapers or use your own created scene(in full version only).

    If you have installed this program, look at Live Wallpaper section and see what kind of scenes you can make in it.
    Try and have fun.

    If you have created some beautifull scene, please send it to us and we can include it in next versions of program.

    FULL VERSION features:
    - Make your own live wallpapers from created scenes.
    - No particles amount restriction.
    - No advertisement

    - Supported languages: En, Ru

    - Known issues:
    - setting live wallpaper fails from time to time on some android versions. If it happens, just try again and it may work.