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Ringtones used to be all the rage. Now the amount of tones the come with smartphones are pretty limited. Are you not bored with the same tones?

  • More than 50 extra tones for your mobile
  • Totally free
  • Includes ads, which get annoying

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"Over 50 new tones directly to your mobile"


How about freshening up your tones? With ALERT Tones you'll have over 50 tones at your disposal, to be used as alerts. You can listen to them using the app itself, and even configure them there, without the need to mess about in your phone's settings.


ALERT Tones comes with some very nice tones, and we're sure you'll find something suitable for your own device. Aside from the fact that the app comes with 50 tones (it will be a while before you get sick of all of them), it's worth pointing out that you can configure everything from the very same app. Just tap 'download' (the tones will have actually already been downloaded with the app) and you'll be able to apply the tone to specific notifications, as an alarm, or assign them to a specific contact.


The app is very basic, but the truth is that to listen to and install tones on your phone you don't really need an app with a groundbreaking design. Unfortunately, ALERT Tones contains ads and sometimes they get irritating. Some of the ads are tricky to close, too.

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by Cecília

Jun 11, 2015

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