Game For Cats Mouse LWP

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    this live wallpaper will make your cat happy
    you can adjust speed and size to fit any device
    Cats are highly inteligent animals that need constant brain stimulation.
    this is your cat's playground. you'll have fun watching your cat enjoying its new toy. our cats spend hours on the tablet...
    works best on tablets or even on any android device.
    This LWP is game for cats not humans!
    ** check out gamepack 1 to 3 for more games
    ** get them all at a special price. look for cats gamepack 3 in 1 pack
    ** you can test the reaction of your cat here:
    or here:
    TIP1: when you're not home leave your cat with the free web games (press F11 for full screen)
    TIP2: use free app 'brightness level' to use our app in the dark to ease your cats eyes.
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