GeoPaper can be shortly described as location based wallpaper changer.

    The simplest usage of the application is to change the wallpaper image on your device every 1 hour (time period is configurable). It allows you to create a set of galleries that will be used during wallpaper change. Each gallery points to one directory with the images.

    The advantage of the GeoPaper is the ability of changing wallpapers depending on your location. You can define the named locations (e.g. school, work, home etc.) and then mark which gallery should be used in which locations. This way you can have different set off images for each place. GeoPaper will automatically set the wallpaper when you will enter or leave the GeoTag (named location) area.

    There is also widget available which allows to force the location for the certain time (configurable).

    The GeoPaper will configure the wallpaper width/height automatically but if this will be not satisfied, you can modify those data in settings.

    GeoPaper was well tested on HTC Wildfire S and Samsung Galaxy S5830. I will appreciate any information about the devices on which the application is working correctly and issue reports for the others. Please send email to or use contact links in application Settings screen.

    Keywords: wallpaper changer, location, geotag, gps, agps, a-gps

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