Glasscover UCCW skin



This is not a standalone app,Please make sure

you Download/use uccw v2.1.2 or above before

using this skin,Download available at


Glasscover UCCW skin

hope you enjoy this skin.

Adding skin/ theme to homescreen:

1) Add a widget the way you normally do and

choose UCCW widget,choose widget size (3x3


2) Pick glasscover skin from the list.

3) Touch the hand icon when it appears and wait

for a few seconds.

4)If your using a custom launcher that supports

resizing then re-size to best fit.

To set weather

open main uccw from app drawer and press

menu,settings then set location and desired

settings.setting hotspotmode on will enable the

hotspot feature if available.(see notes)


6oclock green bar is batterybar level.
Leftside is current weather and Hotspot1 update weather (press left current weather icon)
Centre clock and Hotspot2 clock (press centre clock to open clock)
Rightside is tomorrows forcast with min/max temp prediction.
Bottom text is current condition.

Please email me if you have issues so i can

resolve the matter before negative feedback.

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