GO Locker Chalk Theme PRO

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    GO Locker Themes presents the amazing looking GO Locker Chalk Theme PRO version - no ads. Check out the high definition chalkboard in the background. This wallpaper really stands out because it's so real. Even though it may remind you of school, remember that's where you made most of your friends!

    We hope you enjoy our GO Locker themes, give it 5 stars and write a positive review about it. Please check out our other GO Locker themes in our account. We have some excelent HD themes with very detailed icons and great wallpapers.

    If you have the free version with ads, don't forget to uninstall it first!

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    We create stunning GO Locker themes for your enjoyment. We work very hard on each theme to provide excellent wallpapers, superb icons and a great overall quality.