Go Locker Sew Theme




    Go Locker Sew Theme

    If you like our design, please download our-- theme world, there can be easy to find topics related to more theme.
    Sew theme Go Locker is available now! Designed by fish Design!
    use it with launcher theme and keyboard theme and contact theme and SMS theme are perfect.

    you can search:theme world---package--- Sew
    theme world---couple--- ****** theme
    How to install:
    1. This app only works with Go Locker.
    2. Install Go Locker free from the market first.
    3. use it with theme for Go Launcher EX & Go SMS Pro Theme & Go Contact Theme are perfect. can search: theme Go launcher EX & Go SMS Pro Theme & Go Contact Theme to find it.hope you like it.

    How to apply the theme:
    1. make sure Go Launcher EX or above and Go Locker has been installed.
    2. Click ”MENU---Preference---Theme Setting---Go Locker---My Locker”to choose the theme.
    If you like this theme, check out our other themes. Click on "More by fish design" or search for "fish" here in the market.

    Thanks for your support! More themes are still coming. Hope you like our design!

    For Problems and Suggestions mail to:

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