GO SMS PRO Gold Leopard Theme



App Title: Gold Leopard Theme: A FREE skin / theme for GO SMS Pro Application.

App Description: This theme will work with GO SMS PRO application ONLY. It allows users to have fun changing the look of their Text, SMS or Chat interface on their Android phones.

Instructions: Please Click OPEN and Follow OnScreen Directions Or apply from within GO SMS Pro.

Matching Theme:
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Launcher matching theme, available on Google Play at this link: http://goo.gl/AqSlgm

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About our design: 

Do you Love Zebra theme, wild animal print for your Go SMS PRO, GO CONTACTS or GO Launcher EX? Maybe you want neon stars or hearts with sparkles and glitters? Then you will love our design process. We blend a gradient of Pink, light pink, cotton candy pink, even hot pink with highlight of black white gray to make beautiful designs for you. We also add bubbles, paw prints, butterflies and etc. to make our design stand out.

FEATURES in our themes are:
- Superbly beautiful, cute and cuddly styled with tons of customization options.
- XO unique custom design stunning wallpapers and clean, beautiful icons
- Fantastic high-resolution HD main background with custom soft animal frame, designed by XO Studio from the scratch.
- Custom pop-up message with custom matching colors and icons, scroll vertical or horizontal as well.
- 100% themed out message main background, texting/chat interface, GO chat/Contacts and app. Center
- Text fields have matching fonts throughout this theme
- Super cute chat bubbles with unique frame resting on top.


Ads information: To support making of our themes, this free version periodically presents advertisements. For an Ad-Free experience, you may want to support us by purchasing our paid version. Thank you for your understanding.

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