GO SMS Theme Pink Flower



GO SMS Theme pink flower works only with GO SMS Pro application, if you don't have it, download for free from Google Play.

Beautiful pink and violet, purple flowers remind you of the beauty of nature and the world. Feel like you were in a beautiful garden.
It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman..., just try this nice theme, download and colorize your own device with sweet pink, amaranthine, indygo pink flower.

This applications helps You customization and personalization your GO SMS Pro with beautiful, pink wallpaper, fonts and icons. Make you and your lover full of sweet and romance.
This a new cute skin for GO SMS Pro Theme = pink flowers Theme designed specifically for people who like roses.
We blend Pink main background, dark black with transparent white, hot white and bright purple and magenta, fuksyna in background and violet colors with highlight of white, gray to make beautiful designs for you. Beautiful colors like rose-colored, ruddy, blushing, rose, rosy.

To apply the theme(also for GO Chat):
1. Download this theme from Google Play for free
2. Download GO SMS Pro for free
3. Install and launch GO SMS app
3. Press right to see options and press theme
4. Press - Mine tab
5. Tap the GO SMS Theme Pink Flower

Try now beautiful, dear heavenly styled with tons of customization options.
Feel like you are now in heaven, be happy every time when you post a sms message!
Sweet pink, crimson, red, sanguine color surely captivate you!

To change apperance settings about conversation list
1. Press Menu
2. Press Advanced
3. Press Appearance Settings.
4. Press Conversation List Customization

Disclaimer: this application use interstitial ads and banners.

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Style was created by WorkshopTheme

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