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Golden Arrows Live Wallpaper. Cupid, Eros, Amour, Greek god of love. Enjoy this high definition, sweet and beautifully animated live wallpaper on your Android device. Touch screen to create fireflies around Cupid. Support for all screen sizes and densities!

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Cupid is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. He is the son of goddess Venus and god Mars. Cupid's golden arrows inspire great love in those whom are scratched by one. Cupid falls deeply in love with Psyche when trying to scratch her with one of his golden arrows.

Golden Arrows Live Wallpaper. Setzen Sie dieses wunderschön animierten und süße Live-Wallpaper auf Ihrem Android-Handy.

Bella Wallpaper arte dal vivo di Cupido, Eros dio dell'amore.


큐피드의 아름다운 예술 라이브 벽지, 사랑의 신 에로스.

美丽的美术动态壁纸丘比特, 爱神。

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