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    Disclaimer: Google Now, Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google. This application is not affiliated, sponsored, authorized, or otherwise associated with Google. This application serves only to provide a themed experienced for users as we all anxiously await Android KitKat!.

    Notice: This application is in early BETA. Please report errors to the developers by email for fixing as well as to suggest new features!

    Applications: This page replaces the standard applications drawer/list. Select an application to launch or hide the applications that you rarely use. Access app sorting from the menu to order your apps any way you want!

    Home: This page provides shortcuts to wireless, bluetooth, location, and auto-rotate settings. Click any of these buttons to toggle settings. Additionally, local weather conditions and a four-day forecast are presented. Press any forecast for additional details. Your next upcoming event is displayed. Tap the event to launch the calendar application to view or schedule new events. Finally, your next upcoming alarm is displayed. Tap the alarm to schedule or cancel your alarms.

    Messaging: This page presents a peek at the most recent activity in your messaging threads. Tap any of the messages to open the thread in your default messaging application.

    YouTube: This page presents an embedded YouTube frame for you to watch clips quickly without the need to open up your YouTube application. Set a default video to load when your device starts up. Pressing the back button on this page cues the previously loaded video.

    Search: Searching is based on the context of your current page. Searching from the applications page allows you to search for and launch applications. Searching from the home page allows you to search for local businesses with Yelp. Searching from the messaging page allows you to search your contacts. Click a contact to begin a text message or long click to start a phone call. Searching from the YouTube page allows you to search YouTube for interesting videos.

    Wallpaper: The banner wallpaper at the top of the screen changes to reflect dawn, day time, sunset, and night time. Long click the background to launch the wallpaper picker to choose your favorite Google Now theme.

    Shortcuts: Tapping the background brings up the notification shortcuts. See how many missed calls, unread text messages, unread emails (for Gmail), and upcoming daily events you have. Clicking any of the notification icons launches the appropriate application, allowing you to easily open your dialer, calendar, messaging, and Gmail apps. Clicking the Google logo launches your settings, while long clicking launches the Google Play application.

    Hidden Dock: Fling the bottom bar up to reveal the hidden dock, back down to dismiss it. Assign any five applications to your dock for easy access! It's an excellent place for social media app shortcuts!

    Weather: By default, the weather location is set to Mountain View, CA (home of Google). Clicking the location name allows you to change the weather location. Pressing one of the forecast day's will launch a Google search for weather details on that particular day (we suggest letting Chrome handle search results). Pressing the temperature for the current day will toggle between metric and imperial units.

    Please remember that this application is in early BETA before rating and we appreciate all feedback to make it better and better!

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