GOSMS Pro Aprilia Theme

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    This GOSMS Pro Aprilia Theme makes GOSMS a world champion. You have discerning tastes and of course you want to proudly show it! Now you can for less than the cost of a vente coffee. Being part of the elite crowd isn't usually this easy.

    After downloading your Aprilia theme install it by going to the application window in GOSMS and tap the theme shop icon. Tap installed themes and apply your new Aprillia skin.

    Notice 1: This product firstly represents a work of customization of the user interface of a larger application (GOSMS Pro) and secondarily a representation of background artwork. The background images and color scheme are user customizable and are interchangeable where other aspects of the theme are not. The background images within the theme therefore do not define the product but instead it is the non user-changeable elements that make this theme a unique ThemeDev product. In addition, each of my themes in production has different background images which serves to further eliminate any confusion about any connection with any person, place, organization, or company. Finally, any image of any person within the background of my themes was either taken with permission, taken in public in plain view where there would be no expectation of privacy, purchased by me with license or given to me freely with permission by the subject or rightful owner.

    Notice 2: To completely prevent any misunderstanding. This theme was not made by, sponsored by, or endorsed by Aprilia. Neither this theme nor its decorative background can be confused as representative of Aprilia, its parent company, or any subsidiary.

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