Guild Wars 2 Live Wallpaper



Experience Guild Wars 2 on your home screen.

Now you can bring Guild Wars 2 game to your mobile phone. Choose one from 7 different Guild wars 2 cinematic scenes. Choose your race or Zhaitan to defend your phone. Use the setting screen to select scene and choose the mode which suites you the best. This wallpaper also supports scene switching by taping screen. Check the video and screenshots for more details. Wallpaper is optimized for SD and HD resolutions, phones and tablets. Please rate and comment what would you like to see in next update.

• 7 dynamic scenes
• Easy scene switching
• Gray-scale mode
• High Quality option
• Pre-load in memory
• Play scene backwards

If you have questions/remarks, post them in reviews and I will answer them in my blog with "Google Plus mentions".

For all people asking how to set live wallpaper on home screen, you can find a nice guide here:

LANDSCAPE mode ONLY - since phone resolution has inverse aspect from standard video resolutions.
Phones have height>width and video has heightKeywords: Gw2, Guild, Wars, 2, Asura, Charr, Dynamic, Human, Live, Norn, Sylvari, Tap, Wallpaper, Guild wars 2

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