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Halloween 2013
Interesting facts about Halloween :

What do we know about the holiday Halloween , which in our country is officially celebrated a little over a decade ago? Black and orange colors will sink October 31 and November 1 , pumpkins and lanterns , costumes and masks , fun and horror stories , " Trick or treat! " - About such associations arise when we think about the holiday Halloween . In fact, the 2000 years of its existence, the festival was able to grow a numerous legends , stories , traditions, and even names. For example, few people know that in some countries it is called the Day of the Reformation , the Celtic New Year, Day of the Dead , etc.

Americans who began to celebrate Halloween for over a hundred years ago , it is considered the most fun costumed festival , which is expected , both adults and children , perhaps even more so than Christmas or New Year. Since ancient times, the Celts began to celebrate this holiday with religious overtones , seeing the bright side of the year ( summer) and meeting his dark side ( winter ) .

Traditionally, Halloween is celebrated around the campfire, singing and dancing , as well as with scary stories and legends of ghosts , witches , witches and any other vermin. Currently, the commercial approach to the celebration of any occasion led to the fact that in many countries, Halloween has become a holiday candy that kids beg their neighbors , changing clothes in carnival costumes. According to statistics, every year on Halloween candy is sold and other sweets for more than $ 2 billion.

In some countries, especially for Halloween varieties grown giant pumpkins , as the demand for this vegetable in the garden festival is huge , because everyone wants to carve his own hands the most original lantern pumpkin and put it outside my window , so he drove home from evil spirits.

Not surprisingly, for its 2000 -year history of Halloween celebration in the arsenal amassed so many amazing and original , and sometimes even ridiculously absurd facts. For example , the most common facts about Halloween are:

- Practice bonfires on the night of Halloween is almost universally gone, replaced by light bonfires light bulbs , decorating their homes. But the scary costumes and masks accompany this feast for over 2,000 years , although more and more on a fun-filled carnival participants can not see the vampire fangs or a witch wigs and costumes of clowns, princesses and sexy kitties .

- In the tradition of celebrating Halloween in North America are responsible European immigrants , who in turn borrowed it from the Celts.

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