Halloween Ragdoll Wallpaper



Freddie the Skeleton is a vibrant ragdoll live wallpaper that is perfect for Halloween and any other occasion.
In addition to the spooky atmosphere and lively colors, features include:

- Ragdoll physics - Watch Freddie flail his body around.
- Parallax effect - Much more pleasing effect when swiping through your launcher.
- Scrolling simulation for non scrolling launchers (Galaxy SIII)
- High definition graphics - Automatically adjusted to the underlying hardware.
- Sensor integration - Freddie reacts when you tilt or move your device.
- High performance - Hardware accelerated graphics utilizing OpenGL features.
- Single application suited for mobile phones and tablets

Stay tuned for many upcoming features.

Halloween is coming soon. Impress your friends with this live wallpaper's artwork. It contains all the Halloween elements:
- Dark.
- Withered trees.
- Cemetery & tombs.
- Carved Pumpkins.
- Fireflies.
- Hanging skeleton with ragdoll physics.

No other ragdoll physics live wallpaper is like this one. Try it out and see how smooth it runs.

Now for free!

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