Halo 2 Soundboard Combat Pt 1



Halo 2 Soundboard 'Combat & Game Dialog' Pack 1.
This app features 5,000 clean Halo 2 audio clips. They have not been recorded while the game was playing.
Over 2 hours of playback! Play clips individually, play all or play randomly.
Save any clip as your device's Ringtone or Notification.
Every character from Halo 2 is here, for example:
Master Chief, Cortana, Sgt. Johnson, Sgt. Stacker, 343 Guilty Spark, Lord Hood, Tartarus the Brute, Spec Ops Elite Commander, Crazy Grunt, Gravemind - everyone!
Halo 2 Soundboard can be use in landscape and portrait.
This app is 50MB in size - filled with audio goodness!

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