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*Machine translation is used.

It suddenly became a cancellation of the public version of the popular pay per, let me publish the free version at all!
Please expect no future, so we plan to add additional functionality! !

-- NEW!! --
A design also improves and the visibility of a text numerical value also improves.
And parenthesis merit rose by leaps and bounds.

On an information screen, a present battery situation, the charge method, etc. can be indicated by a bar, and the past residual quantity record etc. can be seen in a simple graphical representation.

- Widget
- Battery residual quantity
- Battery temperature
- Battery voltage
- Internal memory
- Wi-Fi switch(4/15 added)
- Bluetooth switch(4/21 added)
- Beightness switch(5/1 added)

- Widget size
- 1x1
- 2x2(BETA)

- The lighting conditions of the warning lamp of various meter.
- Switch on the light with 20% or less of battery residual quantity.
- Battery temperature is 15 degrees or less and 45 degrees or more, and lights up.
- Below the battery voltage 3.75v switches on the light above 4.20v.
This figure is not carried out now [ Onza ] for the numerical value which the terminal maker etc. have advocated.
- Memory usage lights up at not less than 80%.

- Color change
- Indicator(16,777,216 colors)

- Language
- Japanese
- English(Machine translation is used)

- directions for use (please be sure to read!) -- this application -- a widget -- since it is an application, it can be used by arrangement of each widget after installation.
The arrangement method can be arranged, if a long shank tap is carried out at the place where the widget of the home screen is not arranged, a menu is opened and I have a widget chosen.
In part, at a terminal, although the directions by the side of an application can be disregarded and it can install in SD card, this application can operate only installation to a terminal.
Those who are not displayed need to confirm an installation place.

- Checking of operations
- Android terminal
Xperia X10 OS2.1
Xperia arc OS2.3
Galaxy S2 OS2.3

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