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A translator is used!

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Appeared second of the meter widget!
The car lover is a widget-like apps tickle the mind.
Switch features such as screen brightness and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can display information of each battery.

Please try to twist the home screen cockpit.

We also have various features you can switch instantly in the notification area.
This can be changed easily eliminating tasks such as changing the brightness setting from terminal closed in purposely start the app.

Had a synchronous display of memory meter numbers and were of the request.

Also improves the visibility of the numbers also improved text design.
Coolness has been increased dramatically and.

The information is a simple graph display screen you can see the remaining amount of past records, etc. to display the battery status bar and how to charge and current.

※ The difference between the free version
At the present, each toggle switch of the flashlight to a terminal with a camera function (a terminal is excluded in part), media volume, a private screen filter, GPS, screen rotation, and a ringer mode is added.
It is a toggle switching function in notification area.
Further color change allows a fine grain setting of the meter, can be changed in the design of your choice.
Lightweight design without the ad display.

● widget
Widgets with 13 types of functions
-The remaining battery capacity
-Temperature and battery
-Battery voltage and
-Built-in memory usage
-Wi-Fi toggle switch
-Bluetooth toggle switch
-Screen brightness toggle switch
-Media volume toggle switch
-Flashlight toggle switch (except for some terminals)
-Private screen filter toggle switch
-GPS toggle switch
-Ringer mode toggle switch

● widget size
-1 × 1
-2 × 2 (BETA)

● lighting conditions of the various warning lamp of the meter.
-On the remaining battery capacity in less than 20%
-On at least 45 degrees below 15 degrees temperature and battery
-On at least 4.20v and 3.75v below the battery voltage
-On at least 80% of memory usage
This number is not in the numbers, such as handset manufacturers have been proposed.

● Changing the color
-Meter guidelines (16.77 million colors)
-Meter background (16.77 million colors)NEW!
-Meter scale (16.77 million colors)NEW!
-Meter line (16.77 million colors)
-Meter text (16.77 million colors)
-Meter warning lamp (16.77 million colors)

● Language
-English(A translator is used)

● (Please read!) How to use
Because the app is a widget application,
It can be used in your placement of each widget after the installation.

It can be deployed and the allocation method will select a widget to open the menu at Long tap on the home screen widget location has not been located.

Our application is installed to the terminal can operate only in the terminal, but some can be install to SD card to ignore the instructions on the application side.
Who does not appear, please check the installation location.

● operation check
Xperia X10 OS2.1
Xperia arc OS2.3
Galaxy S2 OS2.3

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