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HD Apple Lock Screen is an image of 3D apple with Blue streaking light effect. It has a black coloured background with blue shade, making it beautiful in look and feel. Now, it is not necessary to have an Iphone 5, just to enjoy its app, we applovers have brought you true replica of an Iphone 5 lock Screen for FREE. So, enjoy the feel of an Apple Phone by downloading this HD Apple Lock Screen on your Android Smartphone's. It is a perfect theme for your smartphone's

Download this FREE HD Apple lock Screen and if you like it, then share it with your friends and family. Also, Don't forget to give G+ to the Go Locker installed.

We will keep you providing with more such Replicas of an Iphone 5 for FREE !!

Features of HD Apple Lock Screen :
1. HD image of Apple Go Locker.
2. True Replica of an Iphone Lock Screen.
3. Locker with Matching Slider.
4. Absolutely Free of cost Android App

1. Go to MENU->Preferences->Theme Settings—>GO Locker -> HD Apple Lock Screen
2. Exit the app

1. This app is Free to install but may contain icons and push ads.
2. This is not an Iphone 5 theme , but is a locker just similar to an Iphone locker.

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