Heads or tails



This widget! Friends, how to install the widget? I'll tell it! 6 Steps to Success
1) Download
2) turn off all
3) a long click on the desktop
4) Choose from the list widget
5) select your widget
6) and magic. Now the widget on your desktop.
Dear friends! Do not be stupid. THIS WIDGET! And set it as a widget! If you do not know how to install it, it is best to throw the phone and do not disgrace himself comments that you may not install or install button does not appear!
Often it is, it's hard to choose! What to play? "Angry birds" or a snake. What to see? Twilight or The Terminator. Go with the girl in the movie, or relax with friends?
Now you do not need to think about it! Everything will be solve heads or tails! Just install the widget and click on it!
We hope you're lucky;)

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