Hi Fonts



Hi Fonts
Fast the system font, modify the software in the professional

The software has been integrated a variety of fonts
1: Integrated 6 kinds of wonderful Chinese fonts
2: Integrated 22 kinds of beautiful English fonts
3: Support for English, Chinese (Traditional UNICODE font) and a variety of fonts.
4: separate easily replace the system, the English
5: More fonts: http://iask.sina.com.cn/u/1726428263/ish

The external address is stored the path to the SD card root directory the following directories:
English: HiFonts / English_Fonts
Chinese: HiFonts / Chinese_Fonts

1: Note the Root permissions to the application window
2: The font files must ttf at the end
3: Chinese and English fonts do not disorder
4: Chinese and English fonts were replaced, restart the entry into force of

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