High Quality Image Upsampling

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    Insert an input called "input.png" to "/mnt/sdcard" folder.
    If you have the image with another name first rename it to "input.png" and drag it to the "/mnt/sdcard" folder. "High Quality Image Upsampling" application resizes the low quality image of small sized input image to its double, generating with high quality resolution compared to the input image. The output is stored as "output.png" in the same folder "/mnt/sdcard". The first image in the screen shot is the input image inserted to /mnt/sdcard, and the second screen shot is the output displayed as wallpaper, and is also stored as "output.png" in the sdcard.

    The only thing that users had to rename their input image as "input.png" and insert to "/mnt/sdcard", After 40 seconds the output is stored as "output.png" in the same folder. Time takes depending on the size of the input icon that is inserted.