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    The application is useful especially for hilal observer to know last and next hilal (crescent moon) information. The application also comes with home screen widget for hijriyah calendar (Islamic Calendar).

    - Accurate calculation of solar and lunar positions using VSOP87 and ELP-2000 algorithms.
    - Setting start of month criteria by MABIMS (Menteri Agama Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)
    - Setting start of month based on wujudul hilal (Saudi Arabia, Muhammadiyah in Indonesia)

    - Astronomical Algorithms, by Jean Meeus, 1991

    ChangeLog v1.0.1
    - support bigger font for Tablet 7' and 10'
    - support bigger font for setting page

    ChangeLog v1.0.2
    - add icon launcher for mdpi smartphone
    - Fix appearance on setting page for mdpi smartphone

    ChangeLog v1.0.3
    - Bug Fix: if the sunset before 18:00 the date is not changing.

    ChangeLog v1.0.4
    - Add new screen for hilal information.

    ChangeLog v1.0.5
    - Fix: Missing degree symbol in elongation of Moon and Sun in hilal information.

    ChangeLog v1.0.6
    - Fix: Preview image in widget drawer

    ChangeLog v1.1.0
    - Retrieve geocode location from latitude and longitude.
    - Add parallax correction to equatorial coordinates.
    - Add atmospheric refraction correction.

    ChangeLog v1.1.1
    - Fix: time offset between local and manual location.

    ChangeLog v1.1.2
    - Fix: widget not shown immediately after install.
    - Check network connection before resolving geocode

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