Himawari Girl



Live wallpaper dark mood us to smile in one shot!
Live wallpaper of summer!
Cute girl from which it is random and a background changes!

Recommended point of this app.
• Sunflower full! Smile a lot! Live Wallpaper full of vitality.
• You do not get tired because I show a view that different random.
• It is healed by the figure of a girl who returns to shake your hand and tap.

How to enjoy this app.
Sunflower blooming on one side Speaking of summer.
The flower color yellow will give me the energy to us at any time.
It is a live wallpaper on the theme of one girl and a certain, and such a sunflower.

Because it is a live wallpaper, you can enjoy the wallpaper in motion, unlike a still image of course.
Girl in a sunflower. She is always smiling ♪
It is show us a look joyful and waving.
Background expression and She's going to change at random also interesting.

In addition to the wallpaper that is set in the preset, be in the background your favorite photos and pictures it is also possible.
It is possible to dangle a sunflower in the photo Why not try to direct the summer just for you.

1. Speed of a lower.
2. Oshi of a few.
3. Home screen random.
4. SD card is photograph Setup.

-The setting method-
1. Install from Google Play.
2. Go to Home screen > Open menu > Wallpaper > Live wallpapers > and press "Set wallpaper"

1. AndroidOS2.1 henceforth
2. It does not correspond to a horizontal screen.
3. There is a terminal not corresponding in part.

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