Hitman Reborn Ringtones



Hitman Reborn Ringtones is an application that features Hitman Rebornis songs that can be use as ringtones. There are 20 sounds with more to come.

1:Never withered cherry
2:Age dreams
3:Ramen to paste out
4:Smile for
5:Stay with me
7:Sakura Lock
8:Tears of temperature
9:Dive to world
10:Drawing days
11:End of the memory
12:No control
13:Cherry Rock
14:Tsuna life
15;Easy go
16:Echo again
17:Drawing days
18:Blue Dream
19:Traces of the rain
20:Hitman reborn

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Enjoy these ringtongs.

Hitman Reborn a cartoon about the Mafia. Italian Mafia around the story of Gregor Peng tenth-generation family leader Kanazawa, Kokichi and family members growth will start a series of stories. Glenn Pang descendants of the early generation of Kanazawa, Kokichi do not work is a ;waste wood program,\u0026quot; but in order to train him to become leader of the Italian killer in Bourne by Glenn Pang came to Japan nine generations of the trust began to educate him. Good heart, do not want to hurt others, he at first did not want the Mafia leader, but in order to prevent a dangerous fellow, he began to assume responsibility,

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