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As you move around at home, your phone serves different needs as each room's purpose changes - recipes in the kitchen, card games in the familyroom, or music to help you sleep! Now, as you move from room to room at home, open the matching room in "Home Sweet Home" to easily launch the apps you frequently use in that room.

Home Sweet Home is a convenient app launcher utility based on the rooms of your home, but with a visual twist - each room in the app features an appropriate background image so you know which room you're in at glance. In each room, add and launch your favorite apps by opening the transparent sliding app panel. A list of your added apps is displayed so you can launch each with a quick tap, while command buttons at the bottom of the panel allow you to easily add and remove apps as needed; meanwhile, the background image remains visible so you know you're in the right room.

* User-friendly screen tap operation
* 7 rooms, setup each to match your needs
* Add & Launch Apps in each room
* Add & Open Web Links in each room
* Copy Bookmarks when adding Web Links
* Remove Apps and Links from each room
* Reorder Apps and Links in each room
* Export/Import of room App settings
* Help screen with full instructions
* Works on either phones or tablets

Available Rooms:
* Family Room (2 Entries max)
* Bedroom (2 Entries max)
* Kitchen (2 Entries max)
* Office (2 Entries max)
* Basement (2 Entries max)
* Garage (2 Entries max)
* Backyard (2 Entries max)

Requested Permissions:

Needed by export and import functionality
to access SD Card

Needed by "Add Web Link" functionality
to retrieve Web Browser Bookmarks

Planned Enhancements:
* Automatic sync with multiple devices

In case you decide to upgrade to "Home Sweet Home" or need to reinstall the app later, use the "Export" command to save your configured entries for each room to the SD Card. The exported data can be reloaded into either version of the app using the "Import" operation. Note: The export operation overwrites any previous export, and the import operation erases existing configured entries before loading the exported configuration.

If you are updating from an older version of the app, please note that Version 1.0.3 implements an improved method for querying and launching Installed Apps to address issues with the Contacts, Camera, and Gallery apps. Launch info for previously-added apps will be updated when you enter a room, but in rare cases an app may be removed instead - if this happens, just add the removed app back into your room using the Add an App command. This update also enables you to add the Phone app, which was not included in the Installed Apps list with the old method! (Update in Version 1.0.4 addresses an error reported by a user!)

Note: "Home Sweet Home Demo" is the free version of "Home Sweet Home" and is limited to adding 2 entries in each room. Please download the paid version to remove any limitations on all rooms.

If you experience any issues installing or using the app, please send us an email describing the problem in detail, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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